Canada Post Warns of Possible Stop in Mail Delivery

Due to the strong possibility of a postal strike, CUI customers currently receiving their utility bills via Canada Post are encouraged to immediately sign-up for electronic billing (e-billing). This service ensures that our customers will continue to receive their bills in a timely, reliable manner.

Please remember that you are still responsible for paying your utility bills before the due date, whether a bill was received or not.

We recommend that our customers enrol in our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. Once enrolled you will never again have to remember to make a utility bill payment. Each month, your bill will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on a set date. Simply fill out the CUI Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement and send the completed form to

Canada Post has warned businesses that there is a possibility that all mail service may stop as a result of a full labour disruption after July 2, 2016. Utility bills for services provided for the month of June will be issued the week of July 4 and payment is due July 31, 2016.

Weekly Collection of Green Bins For the Summer

 Weekly green bin collection started the first week of May.
Please have your green bins, blue bins & clear bagged garbage out by 7 a.m.
Collection may occur up to 7pm.
If you find you have excess compost material (such as grass & leaves) you can take it to the Depot for drop-off.